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Hilton 3,5 years

Hilton was the wildest one in the litter. He was a coarse and not so elegant puppy. I wanted a red, elegant male, but couldn't resist him. He was nailed to my retina all the time. I have never regret my choice. He is still wild and can be really mischievous.

Hilton loves to run, which have resulted in some serious accidents. Once he cut a tendon in his foreleg. When he ran into a three in 2007 he fractured the pelvis, injured his knee. The muscle in the thigh was almost ripped off and he damaged the nerves in his hind leg. The vets didn't believe that the nerve damage would heel, as the hind leg didn't move properly. They were certain that Hilton never could be a show dog and they doubted that he would be able to run again.

I was so happy that Hilton survived, but a life without running free, is not a life for a young saluki, so I thought it was the end. Fortunately, I never gave up. There was a long period of rehabilitation, many long drives and ups and downs. After we started with acupuncture treatment he finally started to get better and after a year he was back in business.

In 2008 Hilton finished his Norwegian and Swedish champion title. He was No 2 saluki male of the year in Norway, in only five shows. He also gained his lure coursing license. In his first competition he got 83 points and was only 0,25 points behind the one who got the CAC.

In 2009 Hilton was involved in another serious accident, when he injured his neck after a fall in high speed. He rarely show signs of pain, but this time he screamed and afterwards he was not able to lift his head. I was sure that the neck was fractured and drove like mad to the vet. We had to wait a couple of hours and when it finally was our turn, Hilton walked as nothing had happened. His neck was stiff for quite some time, though and he didn't want to be a part of things he normally was afraid to miss out on. He wasn't himself at the shows and after a while he started limping on a fore leg. The whole dog was x-rayed, but no injury found. On the contrary: His hips and elbows were excellent. In the end we found that the biceps had been beaten and we faced a new period of rehabilitation.

2010 started fantastic as Hilton won the CAC and CACIB in Denmark and was Best of Breed. This made him a new Danish and Nordic champion. Hopefully he has had his share of injuries and bad luck and will stay healthy in the future.

Hilton is a bit self-righteous, but he loves his sister more than anything and they have a lot of fun together. Hilton is very alert on our walks and he notices every small movement in the nature. He sees a cat in a several miles distance. Indoors he sleeps a lot, but in the garden he runs like mad and plays with his half-brother, Izaac. If the sun is out, they will both sunbathe.


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