Approved blood tracking dog

Izaac 2,5 years old

Izaac is the Diva in the family. He acts like he is an Afghan Hound. Each time I am blow-drying my hair, he wants to "get his hair done" as well. Preferably he wants me to brush his ears feathering and tell him how good he looks!

Izaac is extremely sweet, attentive and he is eager to please me, without being tiring. He always wants to be close and at night, he sleeps tight to me, often with a paw on my leg. He is always so happy, that he makes people around him happy as well. He is a clown and he jumps on us more than any other dog I have had.

He likes to use his head, so we have participated in some working classes. He just loved the tracking lessons. That was obviously his "thing", but then again his dam is tracking champion. The only saluki in the country with that title.

Izaac can sit and watch the world from our windows for hours. The best part is when there are birds outside. He find then rather interesting.

I work as a personal assistant and Isaac is with me at work every day. He makes their day. Sometimes he picks up a ball and places it in their lap and they start to play.

Izaac is very spoiled and my little sweetheart. I didn't plan to buy him, but I cannot imagine to live without him. He is the most wonderful dog, I have ever had.

Izaac loves to run and can run for hours. Indoors he is normally asleep, when he is not watching the birds, that is.

We will try and gain his lure coursing license. We will also show him and continue the tracking activities.


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