Jefferson came to me as a six months old puppy. He was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen and he fulfilled my dream about once own a gold afghan hound with a black mask. There is one person that Jefferson adored from day one and that is Kevin, who back then was only five years old.

He was quite tough and hard as a youngster and needed a firm hand. When he was done acting as a rebel, he developed into the kindest dog in the world and he still is. He keeps the salukis in line and is "The Boss".

It is difficult to let him off leash, as he gladly takes off, or just runs back to our car on our walks in the forest.

We started training lure coursing with Jefferson and soon he gained his lure coursing license. On his first competition it was pouring down rain and I never thought he would run one single meter, but he just loves it! He was Best of Breed, and number five Best in Field.

Jefferson won some CACs during his show career and got some nice placements, but he never finished. He just had a horrible coat and that is why we chose to have his coat cut. He loves that. He acts like a puppy each time his coat is removed and he have had a bath.

Nowadays Jefferson refuses to move more than necessary and he prefers to spend the day on my pillow.

Jefefrson died March 22nd 2012 from cancer. I am so grateful to have him in my life for 10 years. Rest in peace, my friend!

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